Some hours after the international coalition began implementing the non-fly zone in Libya I began this blog. This is not a blog in favour or against the intervention. It is just a blog from someone who lives too in the Mediterranean Sea and is worried. This is a blog of doubts. Maybe my view is similar to the German one but I have doubts. When you belong to a country that is in war the media of your country is telling all the time how good the international coalition is. But I am sceptical. You can go to another country with good intentions – trying to help civilians in Benghazi – and ending in a worse situation that at the start!

When I see a quarrel in the street I don’t intervene. Some people like to intervene and sometimes they get hurt by doing that and the quarrel continues! It is obvious that it is a good idea to go to Libya to save civilians in Benghazi. But what next? For how long? Exactly how? Thee are a lot of questions that have not been answered and I am afraid in the end we may end saying “they went to Lybia in good faith but they failed again”. US, Britain and France may have acted in good faith, with a human heart even, but I think that Germany, using the human head, have noticed that this no-fly implemantation was full of uncertainties so they abstained at the UN.

As I said, I have a lot of doubts.

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