Some weeks ago, I made a post about Saif. I said that from all the people related to Gaddafi, Saif was one of the best choices to try to solve the Libyan conflict. Now that Nato bombs have killed him – I thought we were there to just protect civilians – it is obvious that Gaddafi madness has not a possible counterweight.

As I have said in other posts I do not know who the rebels are. I only know they dislike Gaddafi but that does not mean that the rebels are just lovers of democracy. Once, thanks to Nato, Libya gets rid of Gaddafi, we will see that the new Libya won’t be much better than the Gaddafi regime. I onle can imagine a fight between democracy and Al-Qaeda and a situation similar to the one in Iraq. We do not see this yet because both Al-Qaeda militants and the West are just united to topple the Gaddafi regime.  Now the Al-Qaeda militants need the help of Nato so they don’t show their true colors but we know they are there. Future will say if I was right or wrong.

Libya is heading for chaos and the killing of Saif won’t make things better. Not at least for the west. Saif had nothing against the West. Some of the rebels, let wait ands see. I am sure that Osama Bin Laden must be quite happy that Nato has killed Saif.

The killing of Saif is good news for the rebels but it is not good news for the West. Saif had been living and studying in the West and I wonder if he was not the one to tell his father to become friends with the West again. Nato has killed one of the Libyan people who used to live in the West and that was the opposite of Ahmadinejad in Iran! Shame on Nato! UN di not say anything about killing this man.

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The road leading to Misrata from the capital T...

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These last hours the bad news from Misrata are getting worse. I have read news that Gaddafi supporters are using Spanish cluster bombs in this town. Gaddafi forces deny this fact.

Some kind of agreement should be reached about Misrata. I cannot believe this is happening in the Mediterranean coast.

I find that something quite weird is happening in the West. We have NATO there but we, as citizens, we live, as if the war was just a part of daily news and no more.

Maybe it is time the youth of the world demonstrate in favour of peace in Libya! It is necessary to send a message to Libya.

I find quite weird that NATO is in Libya to protect civilians and we have this tragedy in Misrata.

I think there is something in the West that seems to me very worrysome. It is the feeling that we are in Libya but we are not in Libya.

Maybe a solution would be that the population of Misrate leaves town and goes to the East side of Libya. I do not know but an agreement should be found. And the rebels ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE TO FIND AN AGREEMENT.

It is very easy to see the Gaddafi arme as the bad guys but let’s remember that the rebels did not accept the AFRICAN UNION agreement.

We all know that Gaddafi is a very weird man and that talking to him is quite difficult but we also know, that there was a time he made peace with the West. Could not the international community find some kind of solution?

It seems that the problem is Gaddafi but the rebles seem to me not willing to surrender either. And bu not accepting a ceasefire people are dying! So, maybe here we are inside a war with two crazy parts.

The Spanish Civil War lasted for three years but afterwards we have almost 40 years of a horrible time. It is a pity that the events in one country do not help other countries not to fall in the same mistakes. And the mistake is not to realise that a country can only go forward if there is an agreement between opposite parts. In Spain we have a democracy because when the fascist dictator dies the Spaniards tried to find a settlement where there was not blood. For this we had to do concessions but the result has been quite good. At some point in Libya the rebels and the supporters of Gaddafi will have to sit and talk. Meanwhile, just blood and blood.

anyway, if Gaddafi is using cluster bombs against its own population I just think that China and Russia should inmediately support NATO in Libya.

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TEHRAN. With the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ah...

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If Gaddafi had continued with its military program then the West would have not be attacking him as the West would be afraid of its nuclear power.

So, the lesson we can learn of the Western intervention in Libya that any country which does not want foreigners to interfere needs to become a nuclear one.

I am sure in Iran are very happy with the intervention of the West against Gaddafi. I am sure they are saying: “You, see Gaddafi, you are a fool, you wanted to be friends with the West and see what has happened! Your future is in danger. Meanwhile, in Teheran, we were much wiser than you and since the first moment we defied the Western World through our nuclear program. Now, nobody attacks Iran while the bastards of the West want your head. You Stupid! You deserve all this for trusting the West!”

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José María Aznar at the Azores with other worl...

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These last hours I’ve seen on Spanish media two news that have made me think over again about the war in Libya.

The first one is that Gaddafi is using some bombs sold by Spain in 2009 to attack civilians in Misrata. Those bombs are now banned. I do not know its name in English but they are terrible bombs because they fragment them into more bombs.

The second news is that José María Aznar is saying that Gaddafi is a friend of the Western World and we should not be attacking him.

I am sure that in Spain a lot of people will be angry with him for these words. This man was the one who was very closed to George Bush and Tony Blair.

But in this post I am not going to write well or bad about Aznar. Newspapers and politicians am sure will be quite happy to do that.

What I want to say is that the fact that Aznar says these words makes me realise that Aznar could help solve the war in Libya.

I am sure he could go to Libya and be welcome by Gaddafi. I think that Gaddafi one gave him a horse. Or maybe the horse was for Spanish king or Spanish state? I do not know.

Aznar can be wrong in a lot of things for a lot of people but one thing is for sure: Colonel Gaddafi made a change! Once he was known for supporting terrorism. Then he gave up to its nuclear program and joined the West in its battle against Al-Qaeda! In this sense Aznar is right! (unfortunately Gaddafi has been not so kind with its own population, we all know!)

Of all the Western politicians I only see now Aznar as the one that would be greeted by Gaddafi.

Most people may see the words of Mr Aznar a way to make the West weaker against Gaddafi but for me is the opposite. Mr Aznar means an open door with somebody who, even if he is a monster, he’s not alone in Libya.

Only talk will solve the problems in Libya. Even if Gaddafi is out of power only talk in Libya will make Libya a peaceful country. And a Libya without Gaddafi it seems to me, and I am afraid Mr. Aznar may see the same, could mean a Libya with Al-Qaeda in the footsteps of Europe.

So, I ask Mr. Aznar to go to Tripoli and to talk with Mr. Gaddafi.

Note: the bombs are called CLUSTER BOMBS.

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These last hours I read very bad news about Libya but they are not a surprise. I have never trusted the rebel side as I do not know who they are, they do not seem to me related to students with Facebook or Twitter and I read news about some Al-Qaeda member among them.

So when I read that Gaddafi agrees with a peace agreement but the rebels don’t I am sd but not surprised.

I think that the rebels are demonstrating that they do not deserve to be supported by Nato. They are not looking for peace.

Their argument is that they do not want to share anything with Gaddafi. This reminds me very much the Spain of 1936: two sides, no mediation possible. Nonetheless if we have democracy in Spain is because at some point everybody realised that if we wanted to move forward it was necessary an agreement. This was made and now we have a democracy.

But the rebels, who are supposed to be the democratic side of the war (I doubt that very much) do not ralise that people should talk. But they want war until they defeat Gaddafi. This is their choice but it makes me wonder if by doing that the West is not acting like a fool supporting the rebels cause! Meanwhile Gaddafi is the winner as he wants an agreement. Gaddafi can be a big monster but one thing is obvious: he is wiser than the rebels.

Day after day I have less confidence in the rebels. NATO should leave immediately leave Libya. If the rebels were to win I doubt they acted in a peaceful with the supporters of Gaddafi.

The West should put pressure on the rebels to reach an agreement.

NATO is losing its time in Libya. The rebles do not deserve our trouble. They do not want peace. The West never should support those who not support peace.

We all know that the regime of Gaddafi is a bad one. A regime by the rebels I am afraid it wouldn’t be much better. Unless they realise words are better than weapons: they can save lives.

Shame on the rebels!

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(en) Libya Location (he) מיקום לוב

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I cannot believe but it seems that NATO is still in Libya. I cannot believe it! I always thought that the West was known for being related to imperialism but in this case it seems to me that the association would be with acting like fools.

I cannot see any advantage for the West to remain in Libya. The situation is getting worse. Now there are problems in Egypt.

Anyway, by staying NATO in Libya the only thing for sure is that the war in Libya goes beyond.

Oh, My God. I caanot understand why NATO remains in Libya and we do not have big demonstrations againt that.

The only solution to Libya is talk, talk and talk. And I have the feeling that both Gaddafi and the rebels have to learn this.

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These last hours very worrying news come from Egypt. It seems there is trouble. In the Tahrir Square. It seems that people are unhappy because they see that not much has changed since the army took the reigns of Egypt.

This is very worrying because in some way Egypt could be an example to other countries and to the rebels in Libya.

In the worst scenario we could have two civil wars: one in Libya and another in Egypt.

I think in the next days we will know if my fears were wrong or not.

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The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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Since I opened this blog some weeks ago I have written about the doubts I have about the intervention in Libya. This has not been a black or white blog so that maybe in some posts I have criticised more some and in other blogs I have criticised others. This is a blog of doubts.

Some hours ago I wrote about Mussa Ibrahim and I said I found him a man with a nice look who seem to be somebody who could help to mediate.

Today, I have read that a Spanish cameraman is in the hands of the Gaddafi regime. For those who Gaddafi regime is all bad and the rebels are all good the fact that Manu Brabo is in the hands of the supporters of Gaddafi should not be a case to get crazy. It is obvious that the situation is quite difficult but I am sure that, as it always happens, there are nice pople everywhere, so that a good solution for Manu Brabo could be found. I know that there are journalists from the US, etc in a hotel in Tripoli so I just would advise Manu Brabo to be taken to that hotel.

In no case Manu Brabo life should be in any danger because he comes from Spain. Not everybody in Spain is in favour of the intervention. This blog is a clear example. I just want mediation.

Now the supporters of Gaddafi have a wonderful time to show the world that they are not so bad as the West shows them.

Let’s remember that Manu Brabo is just a cameraman. At some point his photos will part of the history of Libya whatever happens. So any Libyan should be happy that a cameramen portrays the history of Libya.

So, if Moussa Ibrahim reads this – well, we both speak English even if we are both from the Mediterranean coast! – I hope he brings Manu Brabo to Tripoli to join the foreign journalists there. Or just anything that makes the world realise that the regime of Gaddafi is not so evil as the Western media portray it.

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The reporters of my local news tv are not in a Tripoli hotel. They are just next to the rebels in Benghazi and the roads going west. Sometimes I am afraid something awful may happen to them.

On the other hand I see that American and British journalists, or at least some of them, are just reporting from Tripoli! My local news has never reported from Tripoli.

My imagination gets crazy when I think about the life in one of these hotels. I imagine the hotel with the journalists from different nations. I imagine the spokesman of Gaddafi also in the same hotel at some point. And I imagine a lot of soldiers protecting the hotel. And I imagine the staff.

And all this people in the hotels know they are living an historical moment!

Some day maybe a film about these hotels is made.

It seems weird. I cannot imagine in WWII that American journalists stay in a Berlin hotel where the spokesman of Hitler speaks with a smile in his face.

These hotels in Tripoli look like little dreams in the tragedy of Lybya. People are dying at the war but in the hotels people from different backgrounds and nacionalities stay together.

And I have the feeling that these people, as it happens always, may feel sympathy for the other people in the hotel. Even if one is a journalist and another is a solder or just a part of the staff.

If wisdom was a general treat of people now it could be the greatest moment fro Libya. They just could make an agreement for peace and try to bring tourists to Libya. If there was peace in Libya and peace among Libyans I am sure that milions of Europeans would like to visit Libya.

I would like to visit Tripoli. I would love to visit the hotels of the journalists. I would like to visit the famous palace of Gaddafi. I also would like to visit Bengahzi and drive through the roads that we have seen all these days on tv.

With petrol and tourism Libya could be such a nice place to live. Let’s hope that both sides of the war realise how fools are they just not making pace right now.

Anyway, the hotels of the journalists will become one day part of the history of Tripoli.

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MOUSA IBRAHIM is the spokesman of the Gaddafi regime. It is the nice side of the regime, one could say.

In THE TIMES there is a very interesting article about this young man.

Maybe, I am totally wrong but a regime with such a spokesman seems to me to be better than a regime with another kind of spokesman. After all, we ar eall people and even the spokesman could serve as a mediator! He seems a reasonable and nice man!

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