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These last hours I’ve seen on Spanish media two news that have made me think over again about the war in Libya.

The first one is that Gaddafi is using some bombs sold by Spain in 2009 to attack civilians in Misrata. Those bombs are now banned. I do not know its name in English but they are terrible bombs because they fragment them into more bombs.

The second news is that José María Aznar is saying that Gaddafi is a friend of the Western World and we should not be attacking him.

I am sure that in Spain a lot of people will be angry with him for these words. This man was the one who was very closed to George Bush and Tony Blair.

But in this post I am not going to write well or bad about Aznar. Newspapers and politicians am sure will be quite happy to do that.

What I want to say is that the fact that Aznar says these words makes me realise that Aznar could help solve the war in Libya.

I am sure he could go to Libya and be welcome by Gaddafi. I think that Gaddafi one gave him a horse. Or maybe the horse was for Spanish king or Spanish state? I do not know.

Aznar can be wrong in a lot of things for a lot of people but one thing is for sure: Colonel Gaddafi made a change! Once he was known for supporting terrorism. Then he gave up to its nuclear program and joined the West in its battle against Al-Qaeda! In this sense Aznar is right! (unfortunately Gaddafi has been not so kind with its own population, we all know!)

Of all the Western politicians I only see now Aznar as the one that would be greeted by Gaddafi.

Most people may see the words of Mr Aznar a way to make the West weaker against Gaddafi but for me is the opposite. Mr Aznar means an open door with somebody who, even if he is a monster, he’s not alone in Libya.

Only talk will solve the problems in Libya. Even if Gaddafi is out of power only talk in Libya will make Libya a peaceful country. And a Libya without Gaddafi it seems to me, and I am afraid Mr. Aznar may see the same, could mean a Libya with Al-Qaeda in the footsteps of Europe.

So, I ask Mr. Aznar to go to Tripoli and to talk with Mr. Gaddafi.

Note: the bombs are called CLUSTER BOMBS.

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