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The other day one spokeman of the Gaddafi regime, MUSA IBRAHIM, said, in English, that they could not accept the conditions of the rebels because the conditions meant to leave the cities into the hand of armed people (the rebels) who they did not know who they were and that they could be even from Al-Qaeda.

I looked as the spokeman spoke and I had the feeling that maybe he believed what he was saying! Obviously, in the West we prefer to think that the rebels against Gaddafi just love democracy but I am afraid to say that I have a lot of doubts about it. The fact that Gaddafi is a dictator is a dictator does not mean that the rebels love democracy love democracy!

In Spain, in its civil war, the ones fighting fascist Franco forces were a mix: some wanted a democracy like the one in the US, UK or France. But other just wanted Spain to be like the Soviet Union. You just have to read George Orwell HOMAGE TO CATALONIA to know about that.

So now in Libya I think we have a mix in the rebels side: some just want a democracy but other just love the principles of Al-Qaeda. They are fighting “together” because they just have a common enemy: Gaddafi. In the same way that the Soviet Union and the US fought Nazi Germany.

And in Germany we know what happened: The Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler was destroyed and afterwards we had two Germanies: a Germany with US values and a Germany with Soviet Union values.

So, if in Libya the rebels get rid of Colonel Gaddafi we we have two forces: democratic forces and Al-qaeda forces! This does not seem the best scenario for the West and I speak about the West because it is the West who is helping the rebels, even if in a strange not straight forward way.

I cannot imagine Al-Qaeda forming part of a democracy so I can only imagine a lot of trouble to come to Libya! The West is making of Libya a kind of Somalia. Just wait and you will see. Mean while most people in the West continue as if their lives had nothing to do whith what hapens in Libya. This is not my case. I know that the NATO intervention is against my interests as a citizen in the Mediterranean and I do all I know to make it quite clear: I write this blog to tell the West to stop its intervention in Libya. It is a very big mistake, and it should end. We are giving wings to chaos next to Europe.

My solution is a democracy brought to Libya by Saif, the son of Gaddafi. I am sure the rebels cannot bring a democracy because there are jihadists among them!

If the rebels, with these jihadists from Al-Qaeda among them, had weapons, I am sure they would also massacre the population of Sirte. So, why support the West should ally with Al-Qaeda jihadists? The only oanswer I can find is because the West hast entered its final decadence, like the Latin Empire …

The war in Libya is not beween a dictator and democratic forces. It is a war between Al-Qaeda and Gaddafi. And in this war the people wanting democracy have been caught in between. I am just think about most people in Bebghazi and Tripoli.

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