These last hours I read very bad news about Libya but they are not a surprise. I have never trusted the rebel side as I do not know who they are, they do not seem to me related to students with Facebook or Twitter and I read news about some Al-Qaeda member among them.

So when I read that Gaddafi agrees with a peace agreement but the rebels don’t I am sd but not surprised.

I think that the rebels are demonstrating that they do not deserve to be supported by Nato. They are not looking for peace.

Their argument is that they do not want to share anything with Gaddafi. This reminds me very much the Spain of 1936: two sides, no mediation possible. Nonetheless if we have democracy in Spain is because at some point everybody realised that if we wanted to move forward it was necessary an agreement. This was made and now we have a democracy.

But the rebels, who are supposed to be the democratic side of the war (I doubt that very much) do not ralise that people should talk. But they want war until they defeat Gaddafi. This is their choice but it makes me wonder if by doing that the West is not acting like a fool supporting the rebels cause! Meanwhile Gaddafi is the winner as he wants an agreement. Gaddafi can be a big monster but one thing is obvious: he is wiser than the rebels.

Day after day I have less confidence in the rebels. NATO should leave immediately leave Libya. If the rebels were to win I doubt they acted in a peaceful with the supporters of Gaddafi.

The West should put pressure on the rebels to reach an agreement.

NATO is losing its time in Libya. The rebles do not deserve our trouble. They do not want peace. The West never should support those who not support peace.

We all know that the regime of Gaddafi is a bad one. A regime by the rebels I am afraid it wouldn’t be much better. Unless they realise words are better than weapons: they can save lives.

Shame on the rebels!

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