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The reporters of my local news tv are not in a Tripoli hotel. They are just next to the rebels in Benghazi and the roads going west. Sometimes I am afraid something awful may happen to them.

On the other hand I see that American and British journalists, or at least some of them, are just reporting from Tripoli! My local news has never reported from Tripoli.

My imagination gets crazy when I think about the life in one of these hotels. I imagine the hotel with the journalists from different nations. I imagine the spokesman of Gaddafi also in the same hotel at some point. And I imagine a lot of soldiers protecting the hotel. And I imagine the staff.

And all this people in the hotels know they are living an historical moment!

Some day maybe a film about these hotels is made.

It seems weird. I cannot imagine in WWII that American journalists stay in a Berlin hotel where the spokesman of Hitler speaks with a smile in his face.

These hotels in Tripoli look like little dreams in the tragedy of Lybya. People are dying at the war but in the hotels people from different backgrounds and nacionalities stay together.

And I have the feeling that these people, as it happens always, may feel sympathy for the other people in the hotel. Even if one is a journalist and another is a solder or just a part of the staff.

If wisdom was a general treat of people now it could be the greatest moment fro Libya. They just could make an agreement for peace and try to bring tourists to Libya. If there was peace in Libya and peace among Libyans I am sure that milions of Europeans would like to visit Libya.

I would like to visit Tripoli. I would love to visit the hotels of the journalists. I would like to visit the famous palace of Gaddafi. I also would like to visit Bengahzi and drive through the roads that we have seen all these days on tv.

With petrol and tourism Libya could be such a nice place to live. Let’s hope that both sides of the war realise how fools are they just not making pace right now.

Anyway, the hotels of the journalists will become one day part of the history of Tripoli.

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