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These last hours the bad news from Misrata are getting worse. I have read news that Gaddafi supporters are using Spanish cluster bombs in this town. Gaddafi forces deny this fact.

Some kind of agreement should be reached about Misrata. I cannot believe this is happening in the Mediterranean coast.

I find that something quite weird is happening in the West. We have NATO there but we, as citizens, we live, as if the war was just a part of daily news and no more.

Maybe it is time the youth of the world demonstrate in favour of peace in Libya! It is necessary to send a message to Libya.

I find quite weird that NATO is in Libya to protect civilians and we have this tragedy in Misrata.

I think there is something in the West that seems to me very worrysome. It is the feeling that we are in Libya but we are not in Libya.

Maybe a solution would be that the population of Misrate leaves town and goes to the East side of Libya. I do not know but an agreement should be found. And the rebels ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE TO FIND AN AGREEMENT.

It is very easy to see the Gaddafi arme as the bad guys but let’s remember that the rebels did not accept the AFRICAN UNION agreement.

We all know that Gaddafi is a very weird man and that talking to him is quite difficult but we also know, that there was a time he made peace with the West. Could not the international community find some kind of solution?

It seems that the problem is Gaddafi but the rebles seem to me not willing to surrender either. And bu not accepting a ceasefire people are dying! So, maybe here we are inside a war with two crazy parts.

The Spanish Civil War lasted for three years but afterwards we have almost 40 years of a horrible time. It is a pity that the events in one country do not help other countries not to fall in the same mistakes. And the mistake is not to realise that a country can only go forward if there is an agreement between opposite parts. In Spain we have a democracy because when the fascist dictator dies the Spaniards tried to find a settlement where there was not blood. For this we had to do concessions but the result has been quite good. At some point in Libya the rebels and the supporters of Gaddafi will have to sit and talk. Meanwhile, just blood and blood.

anyway, if Gaddafi is using cluster bombs against its own population I just think that China and Russia should inmediately support NATO in Libya.

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