TEHRAN. With the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ah...

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If Gaddafi had continued with its military program then the West would have not be attacking him as the West would be afraid of its nuclear power.

So, the lesson we can learn of the Western intervention in Libya that any country which does not want foreigners to interfere needs to become a nuclear one.

I am sure in Iran are very happy with the intervention of the West against Gaddafi. I am sure they are saying: “You, see Gaddafi, you are a fool, you wanted to be friends with the West and see what has happened! Your future is in danger. Meanwhile, in Teheran, we were much wiser than you and since the first moment we defied the Western World through our nuclear program. Now, nobody attacks Iran while the bastards of the West want your head. You Stupid! You deserve all this for trusting the West!”

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