Some weeks ago, I made a post about Saif. I said that from all the people related to Gaddafi, Saif was one of the best choices to try to solve the Libyan conflict. Now that Nato bombs have killed him – I thought we were there to just protect civilians – it is obvious that Gaddafi madness has not a possible counterweight.

As I have said in other posts I do not know who the rebels are. I only know they dislike Gaddafi but that does not mean that the rebels are just lovers of democracy. Once, thanks to Nato, Libya gets rid of Gaddafi, we will see that the new Libya won’t be much better than the Gaddafi regime. I onle can imagine a fight between democracy and Al-Qaeda and a situation similar to the one in Iraq. We do not see this yet because both Al-Qaeda militants and the West are just united to topple the Gaddafi regime.  Now the Al-Qaeda militants need the help of Nato so they don’t show their true colors but we know they are there. Future will say if I was right or wrong.

Libya is heading for chaos and the killing of Saif won’t make things better. Not at least for the west. Saif had nothing against the West. Some of the rebels, let wait ands see. I am sure that Osama Bin Laden must be quite happy that Nato has killed Saif.

The killing of Saif is good news for the rebels but it is not good news for the West. Saif had been living and studying in the West and I wonder if he was not the one to tell his father to become friends with the West again. Nato has killed one of the Libyan people who used to live in the West and that was the opposite of Ahmadinejad in Iran! Shame on Nato! UN di not say anything about killing this man.

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