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The Gaddafi regime is a very bad one as all the Western media tells us each day. Nonetheless, this terrible regime made possible that Al-Qaeda did not enter Libyan territory.

Now, with the Gaddafi forces out of control of Bengazhi port who knows if Al-Qaeda is not shipping weapons to Libya.

I have read that this morning suspicious movements were seen in Benghazi port. As correspondents from different tv channels and newspapers speak from Benghazi I imagine the CIA takes care of knowing what they say. As I said this morning suspicious movements were taking place in Bengazhi.

Some days ago I read that Qatar was goint to buy petrol to the rebels (that was said when Ras Lanuf was in rebel hands?) How do we know that the money spent in buying petrol does not go directly to Al-Qaeda.

I just listen about taliban terrorist attack in some counties of Asia. How do we know that the Taliban or friends of them are not just travelling to Libya?

Can you imagine how powerful Al-Qaeda could be if it had people in Libya? The Al-Qaeda supporters just have to help Libyans to get free of the dictator. Then when time for democracy comes they would cause chaos if not elected or in power. The West would have to do something and that would be so nice for Al-Qaeda: it could have another place where the West is losing money.

Because this is the great secret that nobody wants to tell you in the West: one of the reasons of the financial crisis in the West may have connection with the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. Well, maybe I am wrong but I only know that I never read about how much money the West is spending really in Afghanistan. I only read about the cuts in education and medicine in Europe!



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