Saif Gaddafi's House, East Finchley 27/03/2011

Image by DG Jones via Flickr

It seems that an aide from a son of Gadhafi is in London trying to find a solution for Gaddafi or Libya situation. His name is Mohammed Ismail and he is the aide of Saif al-Islam.

It seems that Saif al-Islam, Saadi and Mutassim, some of the sons of Gaddafi are looking for a solution to the troubles of Libya or his father.

The national security adviser, Mutassim could become the president of a new government, a provisional one and related to to the rebels. This could be an idea.

Since the start of this war I have always thought that some of the sons of Gaddafi may solve the solution. They may be so evil as their father but I imagine they are not so crazy so maybe one can find a deal with them. Some years ago, one of them, was portrayed quite well in the Western media. At least he was portrayed as a man closer to the Western way of life and with modern ideas. After all, I think they have studied in Western universities. Well, at least Saif. He wrote his PhD thesis  on the role of civil society in democratisation! If you take into account that he is the son of a dictator I think it was not strange that until recently he was shown as the good image of the Gaddafi family.

Of course I do not know exactly his position in all that is going on now in Libya but he is the only person that at least has a look that seems not to come from an evil person (at least this is his appearance …)

I have no reasons to believe that the democracy credentials of most of the rebels are much bigger than those of this young man. This man also speaks English and knows the West quite well.

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