The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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Since I opened this blog some weeks ago I have written about the doubts I have about the intervention in Libya. This has not been a black or white blog so that maybe in some posts I have criticised more some and in other blogs I have criticised others. This is a blog of doubts.

Some hours ago I wrote about Mussa Ibrahim and I said I found him a man with a nice look who seem to be somebody who could help to mediate.

Today, I have read that a Spanish cameraman is in the hands of the Gaddafi regime. For those who Gaddafi regime is all bad and the rebels are all good the fact that Manu Brabo is in the hands of the supporters of Gaddafi should not be a case to get crazy. It is obvious that the situation is quite difficult but I am sure that, as it always happens, there are nice pople everywhere, so that a good solution for Manu Brabo could be found. I know that there are journalists from the US, etc in a hotel in Tripoli so I just would advise Manu Brabo to be taken to that hotel.

In no case Manu Brabo life should be in any danger because he comes from Spain. Not everybody in Spain is in favour of the intervention. This blog is a clear example. I just want mediation.

Now the supporters of Gaddafi have a wonderful time to show the world that they are not so bad as the West shows them.

Let’s remember that Manu Brabo is just a cameraman. At some point his photos will part of the history of Libya whatever happens. So any Libyan should be happy that a cameramen portrays the history of Libya.

So, if Moussa Ibrahim reads this – well, we both speak English even if we are both from the Mediterranean coast! – I hope he brings Manu Brabo to Tripoli to join the foreign journalists there. Or just anything that makes the world realise that the regime of Gaddafi is not so evil as the Western media portray it.

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