The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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Since I opened this blog some weeks ago I have written about the doubts I have about the intervention in Libya. This has not been a black or white blog so that maybe in some posts I have criticised more some and in other blogs I have criticised others. This is a blog of doubts.

Some hours ago I wrote about Mussa Ibrahim and I said I found him a man with a nice look who seem to be somebody who could help to mediate.

Today, I have read that a Spanish cameraman is in the hands of the Gaddafi regime. For those who Gaddafi regime is all bad and the rebels are all good the fact that Manu Brabo is in the hands of the supporters of Gaddafi should not be a case to get crazy. It is obvious that the situation is quite difficult but I am sure that, as it always happens, there are nice pople everywhere, so that a good solution for Manu Brabo could be found. I know that there are journalists from the US, etc in a hotel in Tripoli so I just would advise Manu Brabo to be taken to that hotel.

In no case Manu Brabo life should be in any danger because he comes from Spain. Not everybody in Spain is in favour of the intervention. This blog is a clear example. I just want mediation.

Now the supporters of Gaddafi have a wonderful time to show the world that they are not so bad as the West shows them.

Let’s remember that Manu Brabo is just a cameraman. At some point his photos will part of the history of Libya whatever happens. So any Libyan should be happy that a cameramen portrays the history of Libya.

So, if Moussa Ibrahim reads this – well, we both speak English even if we are both from the Mediterranean coast! – I hope he brings Manu Brabo to Tripoli to join the foreign journalists there. Or just anything that makes the world realise that the regime of Gaddafi is not so evil as the Western media portray it.

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Bait-al Medina al-Thaqafi museum is an Ottoman...

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The reporters of my local news tv are not in a Tripoli hotel. They are just next to the rebels in Benghazi and the roads going west. Sometimes I am afraid something awful may happen to them.

On the other hand I see that American and British journalists, or at least some of them, are just reporting from Tripoli! My local news has never reported from Tripoli.

My imagination gets crazy when I think about the life in one of these hotels. I imagine the hotel with the journalists from different nations. I imagine the spokesman of Gaddafi also in the same hotel at some point. And I imagine a lot of soldiers protecting the hotel. And I imagine the staff.

And all this people in the hotels know they are living an historical moment!

Some day maybe a film about these hotels is made.

It seems weird. I cannot imagine in WWII that American journalists stay in a Berlin hotel where the spokesman of Hitler speaks with a smile in his face.

These hotels in Tripoli look like little dreams in the tragedy of Lybya. People are dying at the war but in the hotels people from different backgrounds and nacionalities stay together.

And I have the feeling that these people, as it happens always, may feel sympathy for the other people in the hotel. Even if one is a journalist and another is a solder or just a part of the staff.

If wisdom was a general treat of people now it could be the greatest moment fro Libya. They just could make an agreement for peace and try to bring tourists to Libya. If there was peace in Libya and peace among Libyans I am sure that milions of Europeans would like to visit Libya.

I would like to visit Tripoli. I would love to visit the hotels of the journalists. I would like to visit the famous palace of Gaddafi. I also would like to visit Bengahzi and drive through the roads that we have seen all these days on tv.

With petrol and tourism Libya could be such a nice place to live. Let’s hope that both sides of the war realise how fools are they just not making pace right now.

Anyway, the hotels of the journalists will become one day part of the history of Tripoli.

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MOUSA IBRAHIM is the spokesman of the Gaddafi regime. It is the nice side of the regime, one could say.

In THE TIMES there is a very interesting article about this young man.

Maybe, I am totally wrong but a regime with such a spokesman seems to me to be better than a regime with another kind of spokesman. After all, we ar eall people and even the spokesman could serve as a mediator! He seems a reasonable and nice man!

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One of the things that susrprised me about the Libyan war is that we always hear how ugly the Gaddafi’s regime is. I do not doubt it but I must say that I am optimistic that a solution can be found because Gaddafi is surrounded by people who seem to me more reosonable than the colonel.

I am speaking about the son Saif and the spokesman Ibrahim. Both men are young and the look much more reasonable than Gaddafi.

I do not think we may think about these two men treasoning Gaddafi. It is not that. It is just using the art of seduction. I understand perfectly well that Saif wants the best for his father. But thanks to DIPLOMACY it is possible to find a solution that saves a lot of lives in Libya, brings peace to Libya and puts Gaddafi in a secondary position. I am sure that a solution can be found.

And my hope is in Saif and Ibrahim. They look as young nice men who happened to be with the wrong man. Instead of trying to demonise these men because they support Gaddafi but we should do is to try to approach the nice side of them.

History tells me that REAL PEACE needs both parts to sit down. It is not black and white. The word TRANSITION is a very important one to learn in Libya.

It is time that the rebels and the supporters of Gaddafi realise that to fight against each other is crazy. It is necessary that they reach a deal. At first, when the deal is reached, nobody is happy, But then times passes and passes and people may not be happy but one thing is for sure: They know they are in a better situation that being in a civil war. I am just thinking about the dictatorship in Spain and the transition afterwards. Maybe now we are not in the best scenario but we are much better than when the dictator died. And we were able to come to this point because there was a compromise!

So, I asked the nice people of both sides in Libya to realize that it is time for compromise.

Saif, Ibrahim it is time for peace. I hope you can find a deal that makes all Libyan proud of it. Talk to the rebles and find a deal.

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There is a legend that says that Gaddafi is the song of a French man called Preciosi. Looking at photos of both they say they look similar.

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It seems that now in Libya not only the supporters of Gaddafi do not like Nato intervention. The rebels themselves are also unhappy with Nato.

This makes me see how wrong was for other countries to intervene in Libya!

The only happy people with all these must be the Al-qaeda people in Libya. They are fighting Gaddafi, they receive the help of Nato and at the same time they can blame Nato.

How stupid of the West to intervene in a war where we do not know who the rebels are. And the more I know, the less I like.

So, congratulations to Sarkozy, Obama and Cameron. See how the “wonderful” rebels pay tribute to your help in Libya. This reminds me a lot ot Iraq and Afghanistan.

Only crazy and fools would continue interfering in a foreign war where you do not have even the support of one of the parts!

NATO, GO HOME! We do not know the rebels! We only know that among them there are Al-Qaeda members too! They are playing a double game! For one part they want the West to throw the bombs but at the same time they criticise Nato. Let the Arab world solve an arab problem!


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I am very worried as I read that the rebels in Libya are going to export first oil.

I just wonder who is going to keep the money. I read that the money is going to the rebels. But is there any transparency in the deal?

The fact that the money does not go to Gaddafi hands does not mean that it goes to the right hands. As the oil of Libya belongs to the Libyans the money should be for all Libyan people.

Just to think that the money can be used to buy weapons seems to me quite frightening. Among the rebels there are people from Al-Qaeda too, it seems, so that these weapons could go to Al-Qaeda. Or the money could go directly to Al-Qaeda.

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