A composed satellite photograph of Africa.

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There is one thing that we all humans have in common. Or so they say the scientists. What we all have in common with colonel Gadhafi is that we all come from the same continent: WE ALL COME FROM AFRICA.

So, with everybody in the world coming from Africa according to the scientists I find weird that a lot of prejudice exists in connection with Africa.

So, in this post, I just wanted to remind me that some years ago my ancestors crossed the Mediterranean, left Africa and established themselves in Europe. I am speaking about a time when the religions we have now did not exist.

I am just saying all this because I’ve been reading the biography of Gadhafi in Wikipedia and I see that Gadhafi calls Obama the Son of Africa. Well, Gadhafi should know that I am a son of Africa too. That all the people, including the ones of the Lockerbie attack, are sons of Africa.

Reading his biography I have a mixture of reactions. First you read about him supporting terrorism here and there during decades and celebrating terrorism. Then you see as these last years he becomes a more peaceful man and makes peace with the west. This seems quite weird for Gadhafi: he makes peace with the West and now the West attacks him.

The only good thing I see in his biography was his idea of unity. He dreamt of the UNITED STATES OF AFRICA. He always wanted to unite Libya with another Arab country. So, Gadhafi was, or is, a very proud man. Very proud.

Reading his long biography I have a lot of doubts. For example, those who hated the West in Libya maybe were happy with the Gadhafi that had not made peace with the West. So when he made peace with the West he may have had new enemies. And this worries me! Some of the people who began protesting against Gadhafi maybe they disliked Gadhafi because he had made peace with the West!

I have the feeling that those against Gadhafi may be against the West too. And they are playing with the West.

there is something surreal in all this! WE DO NOT KNOW WHO THE REBELS ARE!

LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaddafi

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