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It seems that the US has not enough with Aghanistan and Iraq and now is SECRETLY – please do not tell anybody, it is a secret … – deploying spies on Libya soil. British spies would be on Libyan soil too.

Maybe I am getting crazy but as the US has spies on Libya I am afraid that in Europe we could have people from Libya supporting Gaddafi. And the terrible thing is that we may suffer their revenge. And not just now but, who knows, at a later time.

When I imagine foreigners helping the Libyan rebels I remember the foreigners who came to Spain to help the Spanish Republic against the fascist tropus of Franco. At that time the rebels were the bad guys. Well, famous people from Britain and the US came to fight for the Spanish Republic. One of them was George Orwell. The writer of famous 1984 wrote HOMAGE TO CATALONIA. If you read that book you see how Orwell was not very happy with the way the things were going in the republic side.

In the case of the rebels of Libya imagine for one moment that you wanted to fight with them. Well, then you would go to Libya and try to join them. Once with them you would see that hate Gaddafi BUT, BESIDES THAT, what kind of Libya are they wishing?

Gaddafi has always been a kind of crazy man but at one point of his life made peace with the West. So the ones who oppose them, HOW ON EARTH WE KNOW THAT THEY ARE WITH THE WEST?

I do not agree at all with all the terrorist side related to Gaddafi but one has to remember that this man at some point changed his mind and stopped his nuclear ambitions.

Reading about this man I also see that this man got rid of a monarchy in his own land! So it is not strange that some countries in the Arab league disliked him! (in Spain Franco did all the opposite, he brought back the monarchy so that now in Spain our king was just chosen by Franco as everybody knows …)

This man always wanted a united Africa and a United Arab Nation. So maybe some of the people who support him maybe support these ideas.


As we all see on TV, the rebels now show the flag of Libya that came from the monarchy era. Well, I understand that they need some symbol but, really, to choose, the flag related to a monarchy seems to me not the best option. I am sure that the Monarchy of Saudi Arabia must be very happy with this new flag.


I imagine that Russia and China must be so happy with all this happening in Libya. They know perfectly well that this costs money to the West so that, for Example, China, can have a great hold on American debt. Besides, they have not to worry about future possible attacks from Gadhafi supporters.

I just have the feeling that this war in Libya is going to last for a long time. Even if the rebels win, Libya could be a sanctuary for Al-Qaeda.

Thanks to Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya each day the Western countries are more weak as they are more dependent on Chinese savings.

China has always being the center of the world except these last centuries. Thanks to these crazy wars China is returning to its main position quite quickly.

Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Three Muslim countries. Obsama Bin Laden, Saddam and now Gaddafi.

Bush: Wars in Asia.

Obama: I’m not Bush. So, now I choose Africa.

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