Libya foreign minister Mousa Kousa resigns

Tripoli, Libya

Image by gordontour via Flickr

It seems that Mousa Kousa is now in London. I just wonder if this resignation would have an affect in the war in Lybia.

This civil war reminds me of Civil War in Spain. And when I think about that civil war I just feel that it was a pity that at that time there was no common-sense. Nobody wanted to compromise. So the war went on for three years.

The lesson for that war is that thanks to a war you can bring a regime change but at the end there is apoint of compromise. Without compromise the civil war goes and goes.

Gadhafi should have been wiser. When he noticed that there were people wanting changes he should have made an excentricity for his own standards: bring elections and be him a candidate. But he did not. And his sons and daughters do not seem to bring peace to the country either.

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