The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Image via Wikipedia

I think I have found the solution for the war in Libya.

The solution is obviously a surreal one but I think that it fits quite well with Mr Gaddafi.

I propose Mr Gaddafi to leave his current duties and embark in a new one that I know he may like, and a lot:

I propose Mr. Gaddafi to retire from politics in this turbulent times and start his debut as the new more famous astronomer of current times.

So, I just would advise the United Nations to make all possible so that Mr. Gaddafi has the possibility to change jobs and be able to follow a peaceful live just observing the Universe.

Anyone who is following this post may think that I’m nuts but all has its explanation: MR. GADDAFI LOVES ASTRONOMY!

I’m sroius, I am not joking.

So, Mr. Gaddafi could end as an astronomer. It is only necessary that some country makes him an offer to live there and build or use an observatory.

I know this would be the most surreal end to the current war in Libya but Mr. Gaddafi is pure surrealism. And he loves astronomy. As this blogger.

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