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I have had a very worrying thought! I have imagined for once, that although colonel Gadhafi si a crazy man maybe he was a bit right when he said he was fighting against Al-Qaeda!

It is possible that people from Al-Qaeda knowing what was going on Egypt and Libya thought that they could do the same in Libya. To make protests against the regime.

We all know that Gadhafi some years ago made a very very big change. He told the West that he would fight against Al-Qaeda. And I am sure he did something because since then the Western countries forgave his dubious past (a lot of people believe he was behind Lockerbye attack)

So, it is obvious that people who support Al-Qaeda in Lybia hated Colonel Gadhafi. And know they see the opportunity to take power. But of course they won’t say they are from Al-Qaeda. It is better they just want democracy so that in this way the West may even help them!

So maybe when Gadhafi and the West were right and wrong at the same time!: the rebels were not Al-Qaeda but there were rebels from Al-Qaeda! If this is the case maybe colonel Gadhafi was right to be worried. He was seing as Al-Qaeda was using a rebelion mask to take power.

With this post I do not want to say that Gadhafi was right and the West was wrong. But just to thing that the West could give arms to rebels who could be terrorists, some of them, makes me very worried.

Sirte is also a reason to worry. Libya is a land of tribes. And Gadhafi was born in Sirte. So, it is not difficult to understand that people from Sirte may support Gadhafi in the same way that even a mother loves their son, whatever they do! I say that because if the rebels attack Sirte I would feel very uncomfortable because in this case it is not strange to imagine that the rebels are going against the will of the civilians!

Before all this began I remeber to have seen pictures of the sons of Gadhafi. They seemed modern man and I always thought that if some day they could take power they would make of Libya a better place than with his father. They were portrayed in the magazines as modern men who have studied in the West.

I understand that the people do not want Gadhafi but I do not understand why they do not try to find a solution with their sons.

Maybe each time the west attacks the Gadhafi army – the only real army in Libya! – the West is helping Al-Qaeda because it leaves Libya without an army who can put order! By attacking Gadhafi supporters Libya may be each day more in hands of Al-qaeda.

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