When the current conflict began in Libya in the West we saw the rebels as the ones wishing a democratic change. Even if Libya was very different from Egypt or Tunisia we wanted to believe, maybe, that everything was going in the same way. Young people that use Internet and are against corruption and a dictator.

Well, each time I see images of rebels I just see people who are against Gadhafi. But the image seems to me quite different from the image coming from Libya some weeks ago. Nonetheless, the rebels seemed to be the good guys. Out TV reporters were with them, so they were the good guys.

While all this happened crazy colonel Gadhafi spoke of the rebels as Al-qaeda militants and youngs who had taken drugs. So, hearing these words from Gaddafi was easy to think that the rebels were the opposite of what Gaddafi was saying.

But today I have heard that some US military officer has said they know theri is Al-qaeda members among the rebels. Not many but some. At the same time, since the Arab revolution began I have not heard Al-Qaeda threats against the revolution. In what seems a crazy situation it iseems the first time that Al-qaeda and the West are happy with changes in the Arab countries! Al-qaeda sees democracy as a way to have governments who share its views and the West sees democracy as a way to have governments who share its views.

Now the rebels are asking for weapons and the US and others seem not to say NO (although they have not said YES either)

At the same time the Russian Foreign Minister has asked if the coalition would attack the rebels if the rebels attack the civilians in Sirte. It is obvious that the coalition would have to do that because they are defending the civilians or so they say …

I still believe that it would be necessary to talk with some son of Gadhafi and to try to find an agreement which saves Libya from further chaos.

The West may have good faith (or not) but things can go wrong.

Who tells the West that the rebels wouldn’t massacre the civilians who support Gadhafi if they could?

I also have heard that Lampedusa is full of people from the north of Africa.

The smartest nations on Earth are not the ones that believe themselves the smartests one. I hope one day they learn this. Meanwhile my country is in war with Gadhafi even if we do not call it war.

Well, let’s seen what happens next but each day I am more angry with the West governments. I think the war in Libya can still be worse that the Irak one. Because the battlefield will be Europe. That’s the reason I want the intervention to end right now. I do not want my country to intervene in a foreign war in favor of some rebels I do not know who they really are!

The West went to Libya to avoid massacre and I am afraid that at the end the only thing they are going to do is to worsen the situation in Libya.

If I was not a citizen of the European Union I am sure I would find that that some European leaders believe themselves the masters of the Universe and I would dislike these politicians and the poeple who support these politicians.

And I still wonder if Gadhafi, the crazyman, gave money to Sarkozy to win the election. Why nobody talks about that?

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