This blogger is not the only one with doubts about the Libyan rebels!

Muammar al-Gaddafi's signature.

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As I see that NATO planes are in some way helping the rebels to conquer more territory it is obvious to me that NATO is not in LYBIA just to protect civilians but to help the rebels. As we all know that is not what the UN meant.

But these last hours I’ve been feeling quite guilty with myself! Because when I see NATO helping the rebles I imagine that a lot of important people in the West know better than me and know that the rebels are the good guys. As I only know that they hate Gadhafi – you do not need to love democracy to hate this man! – I just feel myself ignorant and with a lot of mistrust. I feel ashamed of putting doubts about the rebles because I should trust a bit more NATO countries. NATA countries would not support the bad guys, would they?

So in brief, I mistrust the rebels but I feel ashamed for that because it seems obvious they must be the good guys who love democracy and I am just a fool and an ignorant who mistrusts everything.

SO, so …now I have realised that I’M NOT ALONE! I have read this on THE GUARDIAN!:

“The shadow defence secretary, Jim Murphy, will warn today that Britain should be careful about siding with the rebels. Speaking at the launch of a review Labour’s defence policy, Murphy will say: “The bravery of the Libyan opposition is not in doubt. What is unclear is the motives of some, other than the removal of Gaddafi. As the opposition move westwards across Libya it is crucial that we better understand who they are and their wider ambitions.”

OH, MY GOD! My fears are shared by somebody else!

By the way, in the 1930’s George Orwell came to Spain to fight against the fascists. But then he realised that the people who were against fascism were not exactly wishing a country like France, US. They were just wishing a wolrd like the Sovier Union. Not all, of course, but some.

So, the rebels in Libya may just be fed up with Gaddafi but maybe they do not have a democratic goal. Now we can see the Western media welcomed to Benghazi. Once the rebels take power I just wonder what may happen.

In Iran we were very happy with the fall of the Sha. History has proven we were mistaken. After that we has an Islamic state that is by not means a fountain of peace, to say it mildly.

I even wonder if the problem in Lybia is not a fight between democracy and dictatorship but a fight that we do not understand (maybe people in Benghazi and Tripoli dislike each other?)

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1 Response to This blogger is not the only one with doubts about the Libyan rebels!

  1. Mary says:

    I appreciate hearing your views, because they seem to come right from the heart, not filtered at all by media.
    Thanks for sharing them, and connecting to my blog, too.
    You’re right, nobody in the West, really knows what these Rebels are up to, and we tend to “trust” revolutionaries…
    We’ll wait and see.


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