I know that some people in the US dislike a lot Obama. In my case, watching this video I just can see a man with nice look that says the things in a very easy way so that people can understand him. Any kind of people. His use of the English language is perfect in the way that he speaks slowly and making easy to understand him! English is not my language and I understand him so well.

In this speech it makes clear that the US is not alone. US is working with other nations – this is the reason why Obama is so respected around the globe: he shows respect too! The idea is to stop massacre in Libya. About Gadhafi he says they are not in Libya for government change through military means. Although he acknowledges, that as most people around the world, he thinks the world would be a beter place without Gaddafi.

So, what Obama says seems to me quite reasonable: to stop the massacre but not take part against Gadhafi. And doing all this with other nations.

Some may argue that it is not good that the US try to step aside and not command the “mission”. Well, the US can be always blamed for something! If the US was to command the mission then the US will be blamed for this too!

(So maybe the dislike to the US is not because it commands missions or it shares missions with allies. The dislike comes because we all know that the US have the power to choose to command … or not command!)

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