Flag of Libya between 1951-69

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Since the beginning I have had doubts about the intervention of the international coalition in Libya but now I see reason why it is time to leave. Let me explain:

Imagine that the international coalition affords that the rebels win more towns in Libya (even if the international warplanes are there just to protect civilians) Let’s imagine the best scenario where the rebels win control of all Libya (I WONDER IF THIS MAY HAPPEN BUT LET’S IMAGINE THE BEST SCENARIO)

Even if rebels win control of all Libya there are going to be people in Libya that are not going to be happy with this. Let’s be realistic. We may dislike Gadhafi but there is one think that people supporting Gadhafi can always have in mind: THE REBELS HAVE WON BECAUSE THEY RECEIVED HELP FROM OUTSIDE. SO WE WILL FIGHT AS WE CAN.

What I mean is that even if the rebels win I am very afraid that people from Gadhafi have a reason to oppose the rebels!: They won because of foreign help.

And this is a very big problem! This means that even if the rebels win Libya can become another Irak with killings and killings each day. Because some Lybian people will never accept that the new regime in their country is the result of a foreign intervention!

Let’s imagine that, nonetheless, the people who support Gadhafi, look to other Arab countries and realise that the Arab world is hungry of democracy. If they realise that (I have doubts but let’s be optimistic) then there could be elections and then they will try to win. And it could happen that in the elections we could see a lot of votes for Gadhafi future possible party.

I say all this because in the West I think we have a very simplistic image of Libya: the rebels are the good and the Gadhafists are the bad ones. I think that the West does not realise that from a nationalistic point of view some Libyan cannot be happy with a new government that has been brought by foreign intervention.

One may argue that in Germany happened something similar. The allies won and the nazi regime lost and Germany became a democracy. Well, this may be true but in the case of Germany, we got a common place called Europe that helped Germany to play a new role in Europe. Germany is again the great power of Europe. And fortunately a peaceful power. In Europe we had a very big tragedy in WWII but we learnt from it. Maybe I am wrong but I have the feeling that the lesson in Europe was: BEFORE THE WAR EACH COUNTRY WAS VERY PROUD OF ITSELF. AFTER THE WAR EACH COUNTRY IS VERY PROUD OF ITSELF AND OF ITS NEIGHBOURS. That’s the way I feel. I am very proud to belong to Europe. Even Russia makes me proud for its heritage.

But let’s return to Libya. If we want that the story in Libya ends well I think that the countries of the south of the Mediterranean should create also a kind of union like the one we created in Europe. A union based on democracy and that makes this countries strong.

Anyway, when the allies attacked nazi Germany this was common sense as nazi Germany was attacking the allies and making an inferno of Europe. But in the case of Libya we are just entering into an internal affair. And this can last too much time.

The main thought should be now how to make the people who support Gadhafi find a way to join the rebels to build the new Libya.

The best way to win an enemy is not to try him not as a problem but as a solution.

If the rebels take control of Libya because of the international help then the people supporting Gadhafi have a good reason to oppose the rebels.

So, i think it is a time to try to find a reconciliation beween the two parts in Libya!

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