When the international coalition began implementing the no-fly zone I did not like the idea although at the same time I understood perfectly well the reasons to act. I did not like to intervene because you know when you start but you do not know when you end and HOW. At the same time to stop the massacreof civilians in Benghazi was acting in good faith and what’s more it had the backing of the UN and the Arab League.

But now it is time for peace. And I think that Angela Merkel should pay now an important role. We did not want a massacre in Benghazi but it is obvious there is a war in Libya!

So there are various options:

OPTION A: The international community helps the rebels with arms. This is quite difficult because the international community won’t allow that. Besides it seems nonsense to promote war by giving weapons!

OPTION B: We continue with the no-fly excusion zone. This can last a lot of time and each it passes more people will be against it. The current situation must stop as soon as possible!

OPTION C: Some neutral country begins talking with Gadhafi sons in order to establish a ceasefire! This option seems impossible now but it is the only one good for the future.

I think that we begin to look in the long run! Even if Gadhafi cannot use its planes people can kill each other in other ways. Civil war can continue for a long time and THEN maybe the people in Libya who welcome the foreign no-fly implementation begin to feel that the coalition is not helping enough!

It seems terrible to say but I think we must leave the Libyans to its own devices or we must support in all ways to the rebels.

If we act fifty-fifty there is the danger that Libya becomes a groundfor inestability for years to come!

Someone must begin know to consider how to bring together all the people from Libya. It is crazy that people from Tripoli and Benghazi are fighting each other.

The solution is very easy: you make elections and the people in Libya choose between different options!

Anyway, I think that it is time the international coalition leaves Libya now!!!!!!! Now it is a good moment! The planes of Gadhafi have been destroyed (Well, I imagine!)

And if we are afraid that Gadhafi is going to win and massacre its citizens then the West must ASK the arab people to help Libya!

The West cannot intervene in all the wars happening around the world! It is time to look for peace in Libya.

I am afraid that by trying to help Libian rebels the West just makes it more vulnerable. We have a financial crisis. We cannot afford to be the police of the world.

Instead of spending milions and milions od euros and dollars in implementing a fly-zone now we should spend money in think tanks for peace in Libya.

If now we leave Lybia we would have helped a bit the rebels and we would be out of a very very uncertain mission.

IT IS TIME TO TALK WITH GADHAFI THE MAD. In Spanish we say MÁS VALE MAÑA QUE FUERZA (it is better wisdom than force)


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