When we read about the rebels in Egypt we were told that the rebellion was started by young people. Facebook and other social nets had been very important. People were wanting democracy.

For the West this was quite good in the sense that we had young people in Arab countries asking for democracy but not with a Islamic goal.

But I wonder who the Libyan rebels are. I just know that they are against the dictator but, in contrast with Egypt, I don’t know exactly what they want.

I say all that because I have the feeling that in the West we may be idealising what is happening in Libya.

Let’s imagine that Gadhafi loses and the rebelts win. Will the new goverment just be a democratic one? I say that because I just see that the problem is Gadhafi but I don’t know well the rebelts in Libya! What kind of state they are looking for?

Are they fighting for democracy or just against Gadhafi?

I think this is very important because with the non-fly implementation we are helping one of the parts in the conflict in Libya and it is important to know to know what kind of Libya they want to create.

I am afraid that the West is looking into the Libya crisis with A Westerm prism and that we miss something!

There are two parts now in Libya. Some want Gadhafi and some not. How can be sure that the rebelts are the good guys. For now we only know that Gadhafi is a madman that massacres its own people but we do not know what kind of Libya want the rebelts.

Are they the democratic side of Libya or we just want to imagine this? Or do they play this role because they know that in this way the West will help them?

Does the West know well enough Libya to know what is going on?

In the media they miss a lot of things. For example, before all this bega, what was the relationship between Tripoli and Benghazi? Are they rival cities or is it just now that they show opposite options? This should be important to know! To know the country! To know Libya!

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