As I said in some other posts I live in the north Mediterranean coast and I am not happy with the international coalition in Libya. Nonetheless, I also must accept that if nobody had intervened to protect Benghazi civilians agaisnt Gadhafi I would be also quite unhappy as it would had meant the international community did nothing to stop the massacre. But as the German government I have a lot of doubts that intervention was a good idea. Because it is obvious that the human heart calls to go to protect civilians where they are threaten but you must think about the consequences of intervention. Maybe at the end, even if we have good faith, things do not end the way we like.

Now we see that the intervention is beginning to have problems! Just some days after the start of the non-fly implementation! Now nobody wants to command “Oddissey Dawn” (what apropaganda name)

When we think about international affair maybe we imagine that things are done in a much better way that in our families. And now I have the feeling that things are done maybe with the same improvisation! The world has intervened in Libya in a hurry (Gadhafi was killing civilians) and now we do not have a clear map!

If the Iraq invasion was thought during months and months and ended so badly how can end the Libyian implementation that was made in a hurry?

There is a kind of disarray and we even have somebody like Mr Putin laughing at the disarray and putting fire talking about Medieval Crusades.


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