THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. With President-Elect Dmit...

... the two sides of humankind ...

As anyone reading this blog can see I am not happy with the intervention of the international coalition but one thing is to regret it and another thing is to compare the non-fly zone implementation with medieval crusades.

I am fed up with the West intervening in other countries but this is one thing and another thing is Mr Putin says words that could increase the hate between the two parts of the Mediterranean. This is unacceptable as Medvedev has said.

Some years ago someone dies in London from some radiation. I am speaking about Litbinenko. I wonder about the connection of Mr Putin with this murder.

Mr Putin instead of trying to put hate between both sides of the Mediterranean coast what he should do is to realise that despite him a lot of people in Europe we love Russian. Despite people like him. Chejov, Nureyev, Tchaikovsky will always be in my heart.


Thank You very much, Mr Medvedev to disagree with Putin. I may disagree with the allies implementation in Lybia as Putin does but one thing is to doubt the effectiveness of the no-fly international campaign and another very different, very different, I repeat, is to try that the Arab world and the West hate each other by speaking about Medieval Crusades.


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