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One of the funniest expressions in Spanish, at least in Europe, is the expression ¿mande?

This Spanish expression is also very good to talk about the problems with the command of the international force in Libya. It seems that all was made in such a hurry but now now nobody wants to command it.

Some want it NATO, some not. Now the USA says that they do not want to command. it is not then strange that the Germans did abstain at the UN.

I have even criticised a lot Mr Putin for comparing this international coalition with the Medieval Crusades. But now I am realising that although the comparison is unacceptable and can only bring hate it is true that this coalition has something in common with the Medieval Crusades: Some of its members were in the Medieval Crusades and as in medieval crusades, it is a mix of different countries (the difference with the Medieval crusades is that this “crusade” is made to protect civilians against a mandman. This can be effective or not, can be full of uncertainties, but has nothing to do with impose a religion. To try to avoid that a madman kills its own people has nothing to do with a crusade that with just saving lives!)

Anyway, when in Spanish you don’t understand a command you may answer, in a funny way “¿mande?” Mandar means to give an order. So now that the international coalition command is in trouble the phrase ¿mande? is extremely funny because there is not even somebody to ask!

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