“Dear International Coalition

Normally I go each day to sleep at 11 pm and I get up at 7 am. Unfortunately since  your planes are implemented a no-fly zone in my country I have realized that your presence is being a bit noisy so that I cannot sleep as well I used to.

As I am sure that the United Nations that gives coverage to your no-fly zone implementation has not said anything about not allowing the civilians to sleep during the night I just would like you to ask to implement whatever you have to implement during the decent hours of the day so that we can sleep at night.

Hoping you take into consideration my wishes to be able to sleep at night. Yours Sincerely,

A resident in Tripoli, Libya”

This in an invention. I made it after reading that a lot of noise is made tonight in Tripoli by the coalition forces.

As a Mediterranean man I just want that any citizen of this marvelous sea can sleep at night. Is this asking too much to Mr Obama, Monsieur Sarkozy and Mr Cameron?

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