We all know that in Yemen and Bahrain protesters are killed and neither Obama nor Cameron nor Sarkozy seem to do anything.

So this implementation of the no-fly zone in Libya is for me quite strange. It can only mean that they are eager for the petrol.

In the case of Sarkozy it is all about to fill his vanity.

I feel a lot of admiration for a lot of things coming from France, Great Britain and the United States. But I must say that all this show-off in Libya makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

I am very fed up that when civilians are killed by the “enemies” they are being massacred. And when civilians are killed by the West then, first we doubt about the deaths and secondly we are always the good guys who did not want to do any harm.

I imagine myself as a man living in Tripoli who has for decades and decades admirer his leader and now you see planes from overseas coming and making so much noise in Tripoli. And I imagine that I could have the feeling that these countires are humiliating my country. Gaddafi may be a mad man but the Western world had no problem in dealing with the “madman”. It is the West that sold weapons to Gaddafi.

I say all that because I am afraid that a lot of people around the world, and in particular in the Arab counties, may look with suspicion what the French, the British and the American are doing in Libya. Only fools could believe that they just act to help people. If they just were interested in helping people then they would go to Bahrain and Yemen.

It is strange but all this events make me look at France, Great Britain and the USA with a bit of fear and dislike! And that’s terrible because these are countries that I admire. But what I admire of the Usa, France and Great Britain is not their military power but its Universities, its Museums, some of its newspapers.

But all this happening in Libya makes me shiver. It makes me shiver just to think that Sarkozy has a role on all this. Theman who send Roma back to Romania.

I dislike all this military strength. On the other hand I feel so much admiration now for Germany! They seem the only ones with common sense! With the problems we have with the Euro it is obvious that Germany attitude is very reasonable.

In some weeks or months we all realise that Angela Merkel was right and that Sarkozy was wrong.

For how long are going to be the allies in Libya? For how long? It is so crazy and childish what they have done! So childish!

How lucky I feel as a European that at least Germany is more worried about Europe than about showing off military strength.


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