If you are in Europe and your country belongs to the international coalition implementing a no-fly zone in Libya you may have realised that your public tv is obviously not being impartial but just being a part of the implementation.

I have noticed this for some hours. Some minutes ago, for example, as they were talking about Libya I have listened on public tv something like that “the threat to Europe”. What?

Which threat? In the public tv they were talking about the threat that Gadaffi was representing for Europe!

Let me be straight! Gadaffi was not threat for Europe at all so it is crazy to say we intervene in Libya because Libya was a threat.

So this is what I have heard on public tv. It was not the main title of a news. It was just in the middle of a phrase. But it has made me realise how much misinformation we are receiving.

I wonder if this happens in all coalition coutries. In the UK I see that THE GUARDIAN still informs in a serious way.

I feel so manipulated by my government and by the media! It is horrible to be inside a war. Truth is the first thing to disappear.

In my country 20% people have no job and we just enter into a war. We have a big fanacial crisis and we enter a war!

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