Don Quixote's Windmills

Image by drewleavy via Flickr

CG. Who are you, my dear?

DQ. I am Don Quixote, Don Quixote of La Mancha.

CG. Ah, yes, I remember. I thought you were not real.

DQ. Well,

Gadhafi Appearances

Image by شبكة برق | B.R.Q via Flickr

as you can see I am quite real.

CG. I am sorry but you come in a bad time. Foreigners are attacking me.

DQ. I know, I know, that’s the reason why I came to you.

CG. Oh, I see, They sent you.

DQ. Not really. Dulcinea del Toboso sent me.

CG. Really? Dulcinea. I have always wanted to meet her.

DQ. Well, she says that she wants to see you.

CG. Bring her!

DQ. She says you have to go to find her.

CG. And where is she?

DQ. She is in Benghazi.

CG. In Benghazi? Oh! But what is she doing there?

DQ. She says she is just waiting for you.

CG. But I cannot go there. You know that.

DQ. She says that if you really love her you will know how to meet her.

CG. How can I?

DQ. I imagine that just accepting the people surrounding Dulcinea as your family.

CG. So should I talk peace in order to go to Benghazi to meet Dulcinea?

DG: Yes, she would like to make you smile.

CG: Then I will go.

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  1. Kurt says:

    Seriously? This is NOT a unilateral American invasion. The Arab League unanimously called for this action. Yeah, we make mistakes, but you can’t pin this on Obama.

  2. tripolitrip says:

    I have nothing against Obama. In Europe we adore him. He seems a nice guy.

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