Some years ago, thanks to the West, a dictator was thrown out. He was a very bad man who had killed a lot of innocent people. Unfortunately much more people have died since the day when the West put its feet in that country.

So, now, who says that this cannot happen again?

In the past some have to pay a high price for its intevention in another country. Now it can happen the same. The fact that this time the UN backs what it did not back some years ago does not mean that crazy people won’t find a reason to attack us.

In Lybia there is a civil war and the West enters this civil war. Why did not threaten Lybia to stop buying its oil for 10 years if it did not stop military actions against its people?

If Gaddafi has this power is because we have been buying him petrol and petrol and selling him weapons and weapons.

The West attacks Lybia and does not say a word about Saudi Arabia regime.


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