Location of Benghazi within Libya.

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Yesterday some countries began attacking Lybia as we all know. According to the news I get this is done in order to protect the Lybian population against Kaddafi attacks. According to the news I get people in Bengazhi are quite happy. At the same time I see images from Tripoli with people supporting Kaddafi.

In this blog I am not going to support Colonel Kaddafi or the countries that attack Lybia supposedly to protect civilians. I am very sure that these countries and Kaddafi have its own media to speak how good they are and how evil the other is.

This blog has another purpose. I know that the purpose is stupid but I think that it would be more stupid to repeat what you can find written here or there. The purpose of these blog is to try to save lives. I am almost certain that I won’t be successful but at least I will do the only thing that I can do: to try to save lives.

So let me start by saying that I am sure that the people in Tripoli are not demons and that people in Benghazi are not all angels. I say that because when there is a war there are always the good and the evil and we sometimes forget that we just have human beings in both cities.

Well, for now I cannot say much. I just have seen the images of French, British and American military attacking Lybia. As it happened in other wars, the images of war by the “good guys” are always beautiful: beautiful and modern planes, beautiful images in green. According to the news I get – I just live in the northern side of the Mediterranean – it is obvious that any civilian death from the French and others was not wanted. Deaths from Kaddafi are another kind of thing. If there was not petrol in Lybia I wonder if all this would be happening.

I imagine that there must be people in Lybia that have family in Tripoli and Bengazhi. And I imagine they are very worried. But on TV the things always seem white or black: They show us Bengazhi with all people supporting the revolts and they show us Tripoli with all people supporting Kaddaffi. They do not show us maybe the people that stay in their houses just crying and wishing all these ends.

In Europe Angela Merkel has not agreed with the French and the British. maybe, she, as a woman, could call the daughter of Kaddaffi and try to solve these crisis. On the other hand Monsieur Sarkozy seems so happy with his role.

It is obvious that I have no solutions for all this problems happening in Lybia.

After all that has been said in the Western media about Kaddafi it is obvious that only a mad man will feel sympathy for this man at least in the West but I think that it would be crazy to try to support Benghazi by attacking Tripoli.

On the other hand I must admit that Sarkozy seems to me more worried about the way History will portray him that about the Lybian people at all. Some days ago the son of Kaddafi said that they had paid the election campaign of Sarkozy. I am still waiting to know more about this in one way or another.

These days we read about the killing of protesters in Bahrain and Yemen. But the Western world does not say anything. How come?

I am a bit fed up of this obstination of the Western nations to intervene in other countries. First we sell weapons to the dictators during decades and then we intervene against the same dictators.

I think that in the West some people thing they are acting well. They think they are protecting Bengazhi civilians against the attacks from Colonel Kaddaffi. What they do not realise is that even if they act for a good reason they are entering an internal affair – when there is petrol the West is always kind to intervene (Lybian case) … or not intervene (Bahrain case) … And if you enter an internal affair because you say that Kaddafi is killing civilians in Benghazi then why don’t you react the same way in other parts of the world?

If tomorrow there was a miracle and all the petrol of Lybia disappeared I am sure the West will end protecting Benghazi.

If the West had not sold weapons to “crazy Kaddafi” – as it is portrayed in Western media – now we won’t need to protect Benghazi.

I am afraid that the weapons that Kaddafi has been using against Bengazhi and the weapons against Kaddafi that are going to be used in Tripoli are made by the West. So some people are getting rich with this war! First you sell to Kaddafi and then you sell to the one who will attack Kaddafi.

Milions of people die of hunger in the World while in the west we live a wealthy life. The West does not spend more money to make disappear hunger but the West will be throwing a lot of money to this war in Lybia (when there are wars the West never uses the word war and it never talks about money. It only talks about money when they cut jobs and wages to its citizens …)

So, when I hear that the West is doing something to save lives I always take that with a pinch of salt. I am sure Sarkozy is attacking Lybia not to profect civilians but because of his vanity.

By the way, the right title of this post should be HELLO LIBYA!

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10 Responses to HELLO LYBIA!

  1. guy cayer says:

    far from the bombs,sheltered as we are here,in canada,don,t you think that the real problem is,that all the real people want is to work,live ,love and enjoy life,how can one man hated as he may be,use his power to kill one of is own country man,how do you follow a leader that despises his own fellowman,how can he not see that his own people want a fair chance to have its piece of happiness,why is it,that just one man can challenge the world ,why is it that not all countries agree over one particular major problem,that they know well off that is a real threath to our survival as living beeings.why are we afraid of minuscule countries that dictates our way of thinking.we,ve come to the point that the scared has had enough,the slapping around has to stop,bullied by a few men who run entire countries,without even thinking that their actions will,and i repeat,will be eliminated ,i can,t believe that this new world we,re living in will let itself be thrown around as dirty old rags.they don,t belive in gods,they believe in occidental ways as they lead theyre own people into insane beliefs,but the people is not dumbed,they know,they breathe,they feel,they want peace,how can just one leader jeopardize their hope of living in loving environments!i don,t want to bring religion in this,as i don,t belive in any of your gods,but i know damn well,that if you,re drowning,don,t ask god to save you,just start swimming,one,s will to live,should also be used as one,s will to be free

  2. tripolitrip says:

    I have the feeling that now it has come the time for Yemen. I do not know how all this is going to end but it seems as if thanks to internet all the young people of the planet want to have a say in the affairs of these countries. Now it seems a bit difficult to imagine and I cannot imagine it but who knows, if things follow in this way in some months or year we may see the fall of the current dictatroships in Saudi Arabia or even in China! I cannot imagine the Arab countries becoming democracies and China staying as now. Nonetheless I think that Chinese are very wise people and I am sure they will do in teir own way. In a peaceful way. And the day when China becomes a democracy (and I am sure it will become because the Chinese love to copy things!) then Europe and the US will return to be secondary as it has almost happened always: China has been a big power most of its time! Only the last centuries the West was able to come first!

    And with Europe being a democracy and China being a democracy Russia will improve its democracy values.

    Am I dreaming too much?

  3. darrell cummings says:

    you as most of the world are misinformed, the USA is not a democracy, it is Republic!, a democracy is mob rule Led By The News Media, and The World Bank, that = equals The One World Order !! like Iraq, Lydia was just next in line, OIL I should say.
    I believe freedom of the press, But Not freedom a self serving Propaganda Machine.
    As you see happening right NOW. They want it all !!!!

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  5. Amal says:

    USA & Europe countries talk a lot about democracy, human rights etc to other countries. But real problem is who really beak them? In my vision USA & Europe! Simply they need loot oil & resources of other countries. This will be a bitter but it’s true!

    Why USA attacked Iraq? Simply for oil! Now why attack Libya? That is for oil. USA & Europe has false causes to attack such countries. they invade countries & put a shaggy who dance to their tune! that is their target.

    No any country has formal afford to invade other county. If anyone do so, they are just suckers!

    USA & Europe talked about Si Lanka civil war against LTTE Terrorists. They accused to sri lanka army that they break human rights. they tried to take actions against sri lanka government. But all sri lankan civilians shows their support to government & president at three major elections. Now sri lankans lives happily after 30 years. In this case usa & Europe wanted to keep that war because they needed to sell their weapons. But it wasn’t successful.

    USA & Europe must stop these type of bloody things. They must mind their own business. Then wold will be a good place to live!

  6. tripolitrip says:

    If the USA and Europe had not intervened in Libya I imagine that one could say too that they speak a lot about human rights and then they do not do nothing. If the USA and Europe had not done anything while Gadahfi massacred the civilians in benghazi then the USA and Europe would be wrong. So whatever they were going to do it was going to be wrong.
    About 70 years ago, Great Britain, France and the USA decided not to intervene in the civil war in Spain: the result is that Spain had a fascist dictatorship until 1975! Spain was not a better place to live because there was not intervention.

    I say all that because I think that in this case the things do not seem to me clear. I do not like the intervention but I am surprised that this is one of the few times that the intention was good!: to stop a madman killing its own people!
    One also has to take into account that the USA and Europe are not just acting on their own: they have the support of the United Nations and the Arab League!

    The problem for me is that, even if you act with good faith, what it matters is what other people may think about your intervention and, as I suspected, some people will only see USA and Europe as the bad guys whatever they do.

    We are so used to the USA and Europe acting for their own interests that when, for once, they act to stop a masacre, it is very easy to suspect there is a hidden agenda.

    I imagine that I would have not intervened because experience has told the West that things can go wrong. Iraq is a clear example. You put out a dictator, Saddam, and instead of hapiness and peace, you just got chaos and death, chaos and death.

    If Europe had not intervened I would be ashamed: Gadhafi is massacring its own people and Europe does nothing! We talk a lot about human rights but we do nothing.
    And now that Europe has intervened I am just afraid that we may pay a too high price for it.

    If now I could meet Mr Cameron from Great Britain I wouldn’t feel the British PM is a bad man because of the intervention. I just would think that, for once, Britain intervene to help stop a massacre. I feel he was right in some way. But I could meet too Miss Angela Merkel and I would not fell that the Chancelor is a bad woman because of her absteintion at United Nations. I just would think that she was right in some way. When you enter a war you know when you enter but you do not know when or how you will leave so I think Germany has been very wise.

    In brief, I think I am close to Angela Merkel decision and I would have not intervened in Libya ( I think in Europe we have too many problems with the economy to enter a war) but at the same time I feel a greet respect for Mr Cameron and Obama. Their decision to intervene when a dictator massacres its own people deserves all my respect. I am just afraid that what started with good faith can end in a wrong way. And that makes me feel a lot of respect for Angela Merkel decision.

    If someday in my country I have a crazy dictator and one day the population decides enough is enough and he begins to massacre me and the rest I am quite sure that I will love the civilised world to intervene. And I think this has happened in this case. Thanks to the United Nations. And the support of the Arab League. Not just USA and Europe. I think one has to take that into account.

    If the Arab League was against the intervention I would be the first one to demontrate in the streets of Europe against this intervention.

  7. John Smith says:

    It is obvious that Obama is very flawed in picking UCAA Basketball winners. Is he any better in picking who will rule Libya once Kaddafi is booted out? Is he trying to install the Muslim Brotherhood or Al-Qaeda to run Libya? Hopefully Obama is clear about who he supports to run Libya after all the money of the American People he has spent. I think Libya wants Al-Qaeda to run their country. What do you think?

    • jack says:

      for the most i agree with you however on the wepons used by both parties are not western they are russian and iranian made as they are a huge part of the weapon sales in that area of the world we all know the ak47 is the best riffle made and the most purchased

  8. alex says:

    Before USA can talk about human rights they need to check themselves . Why is that in USA blacks , who are the minority, many of them are in prison ?Why after serving your time , you do not have the possibility to find a job , when you already served your time ? USA is just looking for oil that will benefit a small portion of rich people . They use the taxpayers’ money to go to war that benefit the rich only

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